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Casa Sol was originally built as a three room guest accommodation and became popular because of the clean, spacious, air conditioned, rooms; friendly hosts; and congenial guests.  Over the years it has expanded to ten rooms while still maintaining the friendly, welcoming atmosphere.  As Casa Sol evolves we constantly look for ways to improve our rooms, our grounds, and our service.  We believe that returning guests should always discover that Casa Sol is even better than their previous visit.

Craig and Jorge met on vacation in Puerto Vallarta over 20 years ago, which was to begin their journey together in the hospitality industry. In 2004, they purchased a home in the vibrant neighborhood of Condesa in Mexico City which would eventually become the beautiful Red Tree House, Mexico City’s number one bed and breakfast.  In their sixteen years of hosting guests they have learned many lessons and have honed their hospitality skills.  You will often hear them say, “We don’t just rent rooms, we provide and experience.”


The nicest, most interesting people stay with us and many friendships have begun over a glass of wine and a lively conversation.  We love our regular guests who return year after year to renew the friendships made at Casa Sol and Maquil

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